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Choose package

Choose the number of songs that you wish to use in the video


Add the personal details

Add the Personal Details of the loved one that will be honored with the video


Add the song

Add licensed songs from our library to tell the story of the loved one’s life.


Add the photos

Add Personal Photos to your project.


Share link

Share a link with family members so they can add photos to complete your loved one’s story.


Render a preview

Render a preview video and see the completed video with watermarks.


Complete the payment

Complete the payment for the video.


Wait for an email

An email containing a link to the finished product without any watermarks and the licenses for the music will be sent directly to the funeral home.


Share the link

Share the link with family and friends without the worry of having ads placed on the video or the video removed from the internet and social media.

Why Choose Us?

A few reasons why our valued customers choose us.

  • Largest selection of precleared, legal music for use in memorial videos
  • Earn money while serving your families
  • Peace of mind from of copyright infringement lawsuits
  • We make creating memorial videos easy
  • No ads on memorial videos
  • Over 100 years of music and licensing experience
  • Safe video storage on dedicated private server

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